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Holiday Greetings

During this season, this time when, normally, we take a bit of time away from focusing on work or school and we spend time with our family, creating and reliving memories and traditions; we now find ourselves confronted with constraints. Our favorite restaurant, our house of worship, or simple access to different generations of our own family might not be available. 

There are those who this unique season has brought financial hardship. That is why we, at ACME, are making a donation to Feeding America, a nationwide network of 200 food banks.We welcome those in need to join in the bounty from our table. And we thank our customers for giving us the means to share our good fortune. 

Even when we aren’t concerned about masks and social distancing, this season can be lonely for some. But today we have so many ways to stay connected. Just the other day, I received a text from an old friend, one who I hadn’t spoken to in years. Twenty or so words and my heart simply sailed. Please take advantage of the excuse of the season to reach out, mend relationships, laugh again at stories you had almost forgotten. 

As we close out 2020, it is easy to wish it away--wish away the contentiousness, the uncertainty, the tragedies. But like a deep thirst can make cold water taste sweet, this year might be what we needed to appreciate so much of what we’ve previously taken for granted--a stadium full of fans cheering an incredible play, a musician making a crowd dance as one, even the simple gesture of a hug. 

This season we know we are lucky. We are lucky for those we work with and we call friends. We are lucky for those who support us along the way. We are lucky to know you. 

I look forward with hope and with joy. 

Happy Holidays.