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Metal Packaging

Metal packaging is produced from some of the most readily available raw materials on earth and used in the production of everything from tools that will hold an edge (like razor blades and knives) to dinnerware, and industrial components like springs, bearings and cables. It’s no wonder that it’s been considered one of the most versatile and important contributors to the advancement of society for centuries.

Lesser known is the sustainability credentials that steel has earned over the years. Metal has no peer in packaging when it comes to recycling. . . it is infinitely reusable and 100% recyclable. With recovery rates in several industries approaching 100%, and as much as 70% of today’s production consuming recycled steel or aluminum scrap, metal packaging represents one of the best uses of core raw materials there is. The videos that follow was produced by the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association in the UK and provides a great overview of how “metal recycles forever”.

This universal appeal of metal packaging also comes from its classification as a permanent material – a material that once produced can be recycled or reused without the loss of quality, regardless of how often the material is recycled. The next video highlights this important design consideration and attribute.

Find out more by watching the videos below: