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ACME Cosmetic Components Opens Manufacturing Center in China

Secaucus, NJ (August 31, 2017) — ACME Cosmetic Components is pleased to announce that it has begun production at its newest location in Suzhou (Jiangsu), China. The company has been pursuing the establishment of the new location since 2014, which was primarily designed to address the needs of its existing customers in the region. “The decision to move forward on a regional expansion strategy was an easy one”, according to Mike Roughton, President & CEO of ACME. “Early in our ownership of ACME we heard from brand owners who filled in China that they had many challenges with the long supply chain, and had been unable to find the kind of quality supplier of metal pans/godets in Asia that they desired”. With a demonstrated commitment to doing everything it could to meet the needs of its customer base, the Company embarked upon a project to establish a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) in China, with the goal of alleviating that pain point for customers, while at the same time, establishing a footprint in China to serve the needs of potential domestic customers. The Company now has a fully equipped manufacturing center that is a virtual clone of its operations in North America, and is staffed to meet the volume needs of both existing customers, and serve the needs of new ones. The Company is indeed proud that several of the new customers who have audited the facility have already dubbed it “the finest metal pan manufacturing facility in Asia”.